What is ascension?

Ascension is a form of meditation which uses a set of phrases (called Attitudes) to re-direct attention from thoughts into a state of stillness and presence.

Ascension is also known as the Path of Joy. While there are many meditation practices available, Ascension is known for its simplicity and for the speed at which it can deliver freedom from mental habits and patterns. It has no rules or dogmas – you won’t be asked to sit any particular way or change your lifestyle or adopt any new beliefs.

Rather, it is an experienced based teaching. Practitioners are invited simply to use the Ascension Attitudes and discover how they affect your experience of life.

Teachers of Ascension are known as Ishayas. They are a form of modern day monk who live in households, have families, and hold regular jobs, while also dedicating their lives to consciousness.

You can find out more about Ascension at www.thebrightpath.com.

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